On writing

Originally posted here: https://fetlife.com/users/624588/posts/3190581

I am a vehement opponent of the practice of writing greek using latin letters. It is known as “greeklish”, and I must be allergic to it.

It goes without saying that if you are into greeklish, then I would rather not see anything from you in my inbox, but it goes even a bit further than that: if I see you writing like this in public, there is a possibility that I might join the conversation only to ungrudgingly bestow my scorn upon you.

Yes, you have every right to write in whatever way you please, and I have every right to mock you. No, the insults that you received were not unprovoked; you see, your way of writing was an insult to me first!

My sentiments are similar towards all those who cannot write a sentence without a spelling mistake, and will not use a spelling checker: their wretched chatter constitutes pollution of the interwebz, and instead of using computers they ought to be milking goats.


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