On politics

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I am a freedom of speech extremist, meaning that I believe that it should be fine to even shout “fire!” in a crowded theater. This is something I can back up with arguments, ask me. (Actually, the question was asked, and I answered, and I posted the answer here: https://fetlife.com/users/624588/posts/1839335)

Politically I am a leftist at heart, but it is complicated. I do believe in taxing the rich, but I also believe that the opportunity to become rich should be available to those who are up to it. (Just not by means of stepping on other people’s corpses!) I believe in welfare and social services, but I also believe in privatization and reduced government. (Just not minimal government, meaning not all the fucking way, as neoliberals would have it.) So, it is quite complicated. One thing though is very plain and simple: If you identify yourself as a conservative, then take my word for it: you suck! We need a better world, and we need it now, and in order to achieve this, things must not stay the same, things must change.


On countries

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I love Greece at about the mildest degree to which someone can love their own country. What this means is that I do indeed love Greece, but I am quick to voice my opposition to patriotism and the illusions of grandeur that it usually stems from. Your place of birth is purely a matter of chance, and it is pointless to be proud of a chance event. Yes, the nature here in Greece is beautiful, but what role did you play in this? The suggestion that your place of birth could conceivably matter in who you are inevitably calls upon the concept of race, so patriotism is inextricably racism. Would all racists please go fuck yourselves? Thank you.

The only kind of thing worth being proud of is accomplishments, of which modern Greeks have very little to show. On the contrary, modern Greeks are internationally either laughed at, despised, or pitied, (usually with good reasons in each case,) so to be proud of being Greek today indicates a rather severe disconnect from reality. I am also sick and tired of Greeks boasting about accomplishments of some largely different set of people who inhabited this land thousands of years ago, and I find it ludicrous that the average modern Greek, who identifies themselves as christian, dares to call upon the ancient civilization whenever it suits them, given that it was christianity which in fact wiped out almost every trace of the ancient civilization with extreme prejudice. Get a grip on reality, people!

I got my education in the USA. This has undeniably had some impact on my character and my worldviews, but you have no idea what that impact was, and your assumptions are, more likely than not, all wrong. I enjoy defending the USA when dealing with people who hate the USA, as much as I enjoy trashing the USA when dealing with people who love the USA, because they usually hate or love the USA for all the wrong reasons. (While, of course, I hate it or love it for all the right ones.)

One thing I can tell you is that if USAians vote Bernie just once, I might be willing to forgive them for having voted Bush thrice!

On luminous beings

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I have very little patience for spiritual mumbo jumbo. If you believe in anything supernatural, such as astrology, fairies, miracles, prophets, saviors, gods etc. then there is a distinct possibility that you might hear me telling you, in no uncertain terms, to go get a brain. If you also happen to be under the impression that my tax money ought to be subsidizing your delusion, then you should consider yourself lucky that insults are the worst that I can deliver to you via TCP/IP.

On writing

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I am a vehement opponent of the practice of writing greek using latin letters. It is known as “greeklish”, and I must be allergic to it.

It goes without saying that if you are into greeklish, then I would rather not see anything from you in my inbox, but it goes even a bit further than that: if I see you writing like this in public, there is a possibility that I might join the conversation only to ungrudgingly bestow my scorn upon you.

Yes, you have every right to write in whatever way you please, and I have every right to mock you. No, the insults that you received were not unprovoked; you see, your way of writing was an insult to me first!

My sentiments are similar towards all those who cannot write a sentence without a spelling mistake, and will not use a spelling checker: their wretched chatter constitutes pollution of the interwebz, and instead of using computers they ought to be milking goats.

On fetishism

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I believe that it is in the best interest of the fetish community to embrace all sexual orientations and all kinds of perversions. This means that the right approach for individuals (at least in a social context) is tolerance towards everything. The fact that your kink is not my kink does not in any way imply that your kink is superior to my kink. Being into any kind of kink and at the same time disapproving of some other kink is inherently pharisaic. Claims that there is no true such-and-such, or that the only true such-and-such is so-and-so, are generally indicative of severe narrow-mindedness. Even worse than that, voicing them in a social context is bad for the community as a whole.

To make it even more plain, in case someone failed to understand, the reason why we do BDSM is because we are perverts, and that’s what floats our boat; it is not because of some stuck up notion such as male superiority or female superiority. Attempts to justify one’s kink as anything but a perversion, by associating it with some supposedly natural tendency, are patently stupid from square one, because they are tantamount to suggesting that all other kinks are unnatural.

I find BDSM to be an essential spice of life, and I hear it calling my name, but I am also perfectly capable of living a more or less normal life enjoying mostly vanilla sex. I don’t have the time, nor the interest, to live the so-called 24/7 BDSM lifestyle, because I also happen to have other interests in life, and frankly, I do not find it fulfilling enough to be consumed with an activity which a) only caters to the senses and b) is largely non-social. Of course, I am not judging anyone here; I am just stating my preferences. If the 24/7 lifestyle appeals to you, that’s wonderful and praiseworthy. But as a 24/7 partner, I would probably come across as rather uninvolved, and bore you silly. (How would you like being chained to the kitchen sink and being _literally_ forgotten there?)

I find a considerable part of the iconography of BDSM highly stimulating, in contrast to vanilla iconography, which leaves me indifferent or makes me yawn. However, I must also say that I find a great deal of the BDSM iconography to be of bad taste, and an alarmingly high percentage of it actually makes me want to puke. Of the three words that constitute the “Safe, Sane and Consensual” motto, I think the one understood the least is the “Sane” part. Again, I am not passing judgment here: whatever floats your boat, as long as you are not harming anyone, but I hope you won’t mind if I just look the other way, okay?

On elitism

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I am an elitist, and not a single day goes by without the whole world giving me plenty of good reasons for continuing to be this way. Please do not confuse “elitist” with “snob”: one is an outlook, the other is an attitude. My attitude is anything but snob.

As an example of why I am an elitist let me remind you of the recent referendum which was asking the people of Ireland whether homosexuals should have the right to marry. Luckily, the outcome of the vote was an overwhelming “yes”, but in a more backwards country, like Greece, or even in a previous decade in Ireland, the outcome would not have been a “yes”. So, my problem with the referendum is this: why should the majority ever be asked whether a minority should enjoy a human right? Humanity is still at such a stage of infancy that the majorities of most countries, if asked, and out of pure whim, would not make the fair and decent decision regarding the human rights of minorities. Therefore, the human rights of minorities need to be looked after by decent human beings in positions of power, not by holding public polls.

It is kind of an awkward moment when you realize that this is elitism. I do not enjoy being an elitist; I just arrive at it as an inescapable conclusion.