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I also used to worry whether my involvement BDSM was going to be a cause of me ending up in hell, but by reading the scriptures I realized that BDSM and christianity are two concepts that are absolutely compatible with each other.

First of all, nowhere in the scriptures is the slightest mention against slavery. On the contrary, the scriptures consider slavery as a given and approve it, providing advice to the masters as to how to obtain and keep slaves, as well as to the slaves, commanding them to be nice and obedient, and to keep their masters happy.

In Leviticus 25:44, 25:45 and 25:46 it says that slaves are property, to be bought and sold, and the same applies to their children. Like livestock, really. It basically says that boys and girls from neighboring nations you will obtain as slaves. And from the children of the strangers you will obtain slaves, and from their relatives; all those born in your land will be your property. And you will apportion them as inheritance to your children. They will be under your possession for ever. […]

In Exodus 21:2 it is prescribed that if the slave is a Jewish man, then he must be set free after 6 years. (But if you are not Jewish, (let alone not male,) you do not have to worry about such an eventuality.)

Right afterwards, Exodus 21:3 through 21:6 describe a nifty little technicality through which it is even possible to overcome the limitation mentioned in 21:2: The owner of a slave may give him a slave woman for wife, with which he may have children, and then the owner may keep the woman and children as hostages, (since they belong to him,) so as to coerce the male slave into “voluntarily” agreeing to be slave for life.

In the immediately following passage (21:7) Exodus states that a man may sell his daughter as a sexual slave to another man, and that in contrast to what happens with Jewish men, who have to be set free after six years, a woman slave is a slave forever. Unless, of course, she is incapable of “satisfying” her master, in which case she can be returned to her father and remuneration can be collected. (I have always loved the Old Testament, it contains some very rightful notions.)

The holy scriptures do not disapprove of excercising physical violence upon slaves, they only set certain hard limits, which though are very hard. Extremely hard. In Exodus 21:20-21 it says that if the owner hits his male or female slave so hard that the slave dies in the owner’s hands, then the owner is to be punished. But if the male or female slave lives for one or two days, and dies afterwards of their wounds, then the owner is not to be punished.

Talking about hard limits, no child’s play here!

The teachings contained within the New Testament on the subject of slavery are characterized by a decidedly milder temperament, which clearly shows the change in the moods and whims of the omnipotent, omniscient and perfect lord of ours with the passage of a thousand years from the writing of the Old Testament.

In Luke’s Gospel, 12:47 and 12:48 Jesus himself is purported as having said that the slave who knowingly disobeys will be beaten severely, while the slave who has no knowledge of their misconduct will be beaten lightly. (Now, that’s some rare piece of wisdom!)

In his Epistle to Ephesians, 6:5, 6:6 and 6:7 Paul says that slaves should obey their worldly masters with fear and terror, and with straightforwardness of the heart as if towards Jesus, not with hypocrisy so as to be likeable by humans, but as slaves of Jesus, who perform the will of god from their soul, willfully as if serving the lord and not humans. (Note to myself: my next slave should be a devout christian girl.)

In his 1st epistle to Timothy, in 6:1 and 6:2 Paul says that those slaves who are captive to non-believers should consider their owners as worthy of every honor, so as not to give pretext for slandering the name of god and his teachings. (Note to my next slave girl: that’s why she should not mind me being her owner.) While those who are slaves of believers, they should not scorn them for being brothers, but they should work even harder for them, because those who enjoy the fruits of their slavery are fellow believers. (Note to myself: should perhaps consider becoming a christian. Just a thought.)

Finally, by becoming more familiar with christian practices over the years I have come to the realization that even if, by any chance, god turns out to have a problem with something that I do, (like, say, BDSM,) there is absolutely no problem, and everything can be made all right in the end. You see, according to the christian doctrine you can steal and destroy, you can maim, pillage, rape, kill, and do pretty much anything you like, and it will all be fine as long as you eventually repent. Yep, that’s all it takes, a sincere repentance before you die, and absolution is guaranteed. Thousands of crooks and murderers throughout history can testify to this, along with the priests who absolved them. So, in the name of Jesus, go forth and fuck everything up, nothing matters, it will all be fine in the end, seriously!