On elitism

Originally posted here: https://fetlife.com/users/624588/posts/3190573

I am an elitist, and not a single day goes by without the whole world giving me plenty of good reasons for continuing to be this way. Please do not confuse “elitist” with “snob”: one is an outlook, the other is an attitude. My attitude is anything but snob.

As an example of why I am an elitist let me remind you of the recent referendum which was asking the people of Ireland whether homosexuals should have the right to marry. Luckily, the outcome of the vote was an overwhelming “yes”, but in a more backwards country, like Greece, or even in a previous decade in Ireland, the outcome would not have been a “yes”. So, my problem with the referendum is this: why should the majority ever be asked whether a minority should enjoy a human right? Humanity is still at such a stage of infancy that the majorities of most countries, if asked, and out of pure whim, would not make the fair and decent decision regarding the human rights of minorities. Therefore, the human rights of minorities need to be looked after by decent human beings in positions of power, not by holding public polls.

It is kind of an awkward moment when you realize that this is elitism. I do not enjoy being an elitist; I just arrive at it as an inescapable conclusion.


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